10 altcoins to buy this week

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Welcome to a new analysis of the altcoins cryptocurrency market, with NovaBlocks trading strategy.

Our last analysis was about Bitcoin (you can read it here) but today, we will focus on How to trade the most profitbale setup for altcoins traders.

Below you will find the list of 10 Altcoins to buy this week.

Please note that the order of the setups is totally random. If an altcoin is bullish and not in this list, it is probably because it is not suitable to my trading style.


On this H4 Chart, we can clearly see a price retracement to a support area .
Moreover, the EMA200 indicator (Exponantial Moving Average) is supporting the trend. A simple pullback, not a reversal. Don’t forget your stop loss.

I would consider holding it for the next week.

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This chart pattern shows a very long accumulation after the move up in 2020.
We can see a good volume during August while the price is ranging in the lows of the Descending Triangle.

I would expect it to pop higher Before October.

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Ethereum (ETH)

If you are afraid by the risk and the volatility , ETH is the best play for your charting nowadays.
Clear horizontal support coupled with the EMA200 are doing a great job on this setup. Don’t expect more downward move.

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QLC Chain (QLC)

Buying only above 200EMA and proper bounce would be a good setup here. The upward trend shall continue.

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VeChain (VET)

After its massive move up in July, VET has consolidated in a Descending Triangle
2 setups can be played here:
– Buy on this horizontal and wait for the price to breakout
– Buy on the breakout of the support and resistance level (and/or retest) after confirmation of the volume increase

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Loopring (LRC)

This setup is easy and would be buying the bottom channel + EMA 200 and riding the uptrend until it stops.

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Kyber Network (KNC)

Easy setup, after all, we need to surf on the #DeFi wave as well, and for that, no need to search for anything complicated!

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Fetch.AI (FET)

As the ideas than previously shared, using the horizontal support & the EMA 200 to catch up on the uptrend would be a good strategy.

If it comes to be stop-lossed, keep an alert to enter back if the 2 conditions are met.

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GoChain (GO)

After consolidating for 2 months, GO has been breaking out and is making Higher Lows & Higher Highs again! Great trades to come.

Make sure to enter above the white trendline and take profit all the way up

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Everex (EVX)

If you want to catch the EVX uptrend with an easy setup, just buy it when it closes above the support trendline & the EMA200. 

Do not forget to take profit all along the way up. Trailing stops are highly recommended. Good traders make good trades.

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