Paper Wallets are the top-notch of security. The term paper is only used to refer to the piece of paper you will write your private keys on.

It is the best practice for keeping your assets safe. This process is usually done to store large amounts of Bitcoins. When accessing your paper wallet, you can only load funds to the wallet. However, if you want to send them, you will need to import the private keys into a software wallet in order to access your coins.

Most Secure Wallet:

The wallet itself is considered as the most secure wallet. However, the process of creation can make it vulnerable to attacks. To create your paper-wallet, you need to be connected to the internet, so make sure you are only on trusted private networks. Also, make sure your computer is not infected by any malware, or this may put your private keys at risk.

paper wallet

Consider this quick guide to creating a Paper Wallet:

  1. Go to BitAddress
  2. Generate a random private key
  3. Click “Paper Wallet”
  4. Choose how many copies you would like to print out
  5. Encrypt the wallet with a BIP38 password
  6. Print