When you are building your cryptocurrency portfolio, you might wonder how to store your funds appropriately. A perfect portfolio does not exist, but many experts recommend diversifying yours with at least 25% BTC, 25% USDT and the rest in altcoins.

If you follow this way, you might want to use two different types of wallets. You can use Multi-currency wallets or Single-use wallets.

Difference Between Single-use and Multi-currency:

A Single-use-wallet can store only 1 cryptocurrency. Contrarily, the Multi-currency wallet can store a wide range of Cryptocurrency and is interesting when you do not want to store each of your altcoins in a separate wallet.

Thus, you can use a Single-use-wallet for your Bitcoins, use a multi-currency wallet for your altcoins, and store your fiat in a trusted fiat exchange.

Indeed, it is always better not to store all your funds in the same wallet.