How to buy Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies

So now that you are set, you have all the right to Buy bitcoin & cryptocurrencies. First, you will have to setup an account on an exchange accepting fiat currency (USD, EUR, CNY…) deposit. Popular exchanges amongst them are:

  • CoinBase
  • Kraken
  • Changelly
  • CEX
  • Binance
What does exchange mean to Buy Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies?

An exchange is a place where various cryptocurrencies are listed so people, from investors to traders, can easily trade (buy or sell) those cryptocurrencies. These exchanges are all accessible from any computer connected to the internet and are opened 24 hours per day, without any interruption. Some of those exchanges can even be accessible to your mobile. Nothing more simple than buying bitcoin on an exchange. You need to create an account on one of the exchanges listed above, and purchase bitcoin.

For example, we will use CoinBase and show you the way to make your first purchase.

  1. Sign-up on Coinbase:
  2. Verify your identity to prevent I.D. thefts and frauds.
  3. Buy the Cryptocurrency you want first (we recommend Bitcoin for your first purchase)
buy bitcoin

Enter the amount that you wish to purchase and select your way of payment as well as the currency you want to purchase (Bitcoin). Then press the button “Preview Buy”.

buy cryptocurrency

After processing your purchase, you will see your balance being updated.

But coins

Congratulations, you now possess your first cryptocurrencies! Now that you have them under your eyes, we will be able to explain to you with concise examples of what we taught you in the introduction part.