Fraudulent & Scammy Exchanges

In the previous chapters, we taught you how to chose an exchange that suits your needs, but also we gave you some advice to avoid scammy exchanges. Some exchanges can start well, acquiring the trust of their customers, then might “exit-scam” by taking all the funds with them.

As with the ICO, be sure to do your work. There is always a team behind an exchange, and if the team chooses to remain anonymous, this is a first red flag.

scammy exchanges

Scammy Exchanges Techniques:

Some exchanges are making shady marketing campaigns by offering significant amounts of bitcoins if people deposit a large amount into their wallets.

Before depositing into an exchange, make sure its reputation is good, and the team transparent. The most decisive factor is that the exchange has been appropriately managed for years without endangering their customers and has not been accused of stealing funds. The best places to look for advice are and Reddit.