Nova Blocks is an educational platform for blockchain & cryptocurrencies educational contents.

We are offering thousands hours of content to learn everything about Cryptocurrencies, from the Blockchain Basics, to the Cryptocurrencies Trading, Mining and more… 

Moreover you can access to our Trading Room, learn from experienced traders and follow our signals.

Below is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. You will find the answers to most concerns. Please use this page before contacting us through the Support Page.

General FAQ

NOVΛ BLOCKS  is a Cryptocurrency School designed for everyone. Visit, Learn and Interact about topics you would love to know, improve, or perfect.

Our Education model aims to provide the best knowledge for our readers. We want all your questions to be answered. That is why our cryptocurrencies experts spend time and dedication into the formations to provide you the most complete information.

NOVΛ BLOCKS provides a wide range of formations covering most of all the aspects related to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Moreover, we deliver News and Blogs articles to complete with updated or missing information.

NOVΛ BLOCKS diversifies its service by offering a trading group to premium customer. We also help customers looking for personal coaching. We aim to release a Trading Indicator by the end of 2020.

For the courses prices, please refer to Courses.

For the trading services, please refer to Trading Room.

Our platform accept payments with Credit Cards (Stripe) and Cryptocurrencies (CoinPayments)

NOVΛ BLOCKS is a regulated company registered in France.

SIRET will not be disclosed yet, but if you are a company and looking for partnership or collaboration, we can disclose it.

You can create a ticket here or talk with our team on Telegram and Discord.

If you are a novice, we recommend you to start with the Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies formation. Once you get along with it, you will be able to follow any of the other tutorials. Understand the basics of the blockchain technology and how to transfer cryptocurrencies is crucial for you.

You may also want to join our community on Discord or Telegram. We take our time to share our knowloedge with everyone.

Trading FAQ

With a correct risk management, discipline and strategy, as taught in our Trading formation you will be able to realize 2% profits per trade. Compounded and accumulated, this can provide you a steady 10 – 20% profits per month, by risking times less.

NOVΛ BLOCKS doesn’t provide any guarantee for the returns.

A trade Signal is an indication to enter in a position on a pair. When sharing a signal, we will provide the zone to enter, the action to take (Buy or Sell), the expect targets and a Stop-Loss.

Indications will be added to the signal to give you the reasons of the signal. Constant updates will be shared until the trade is closed.

We support Binance and Bitmex exchanges. We aim to expand the platforms supported regarding the requests of our customers. 

Operating for more than a year with a solid and respected strategy by all or our members, we developed a strong community by constantly providing analyses, trades opportunity, knowledge and experience.

We treat our members equally and with respect. No matter your level, we will assist you to be the most autonomous possible.

Our team has been in the cryptocurrencies market for more than 3 years, experienced a lot of strategies in different market conditions and is now happy to provide you the best advices.

We are a France based team. We will provide calls, analysises and updates from 9AM to 8PM. We stay available outside of this range, but we will not post as official team members, but as helpers if needed.

If your trading session is not in this range, you must know that our calls often are mid-term, meaning that you might have more than a day to enter in a trade.

There is no optimal amount to invest. Obviously you won’t turn a $100 account into a million one in 1 year but what seems to be a low amount to start trading/investing can be a good opportunity for you to learn when you will have accumulated enough to start making a living from it.

Education FAQ

None! If you have 0 knowledge about crypto, there is a free formation for you!

The price of each Course is set in function of the time spent on the making of the course, and the scarcity of the related content online.

You can find the price of the courses on the main Education page.

There is no restriction in time for the formation. We recommend you to spend 1 hour a day. It is enough to read one part of any tutorial and assimilate it. Keeping a good rythm is essential for the comprehension. There are no “slow” rythm.

Once you are registered on the platform we will only need you to follow the formation in the order it is provided. Missing out a single chapter if you do not master it completely can be a burden for you later.

The Instructors on NOVΛ BLOCKS are experts in their domain. Inside our teams we have experts in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and trading. The other courses are / will be written by verified professionals.

To sign up on a formation, visit our Courses Page chose the formation that suits the most your needs, enroll for it, check-out and then enjoy it for the rest of your life!

If you are a novice and have a low or no knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you should follow our first formation.

If you spotted a mistake somewhere, we would be grateful that you report us the error by sending an email to : [email protected]

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