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Tutorial: How To Use Trailing Stops? - NOVA BLOCKS

Trailing Stops Tutorial

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What You Will Learn From This Course


What is a Trailing Stop

Learn what is a Trailing Stop Loss and how it differs from a classic Stop-Loss order.

How does a Trailing Stop Work

Learn with visuals and examples how a Trailing Stop Loss order works.
Step up your Risk Management skills with this “Intelligent Stop”.


Advantages & Disadvantages of the Trailing Stop

New techniques do not work like magic. You need to understand the upsides, but also the downsides of using them.

How To Set a Trailing Stop

Not all the platforms in the cryptocurrency market are offering trailing stop-loss orders. In this article, we will teach you how to set up a Trailing Stop Loss order.




The Trailing Stop is the ultimate tool for traders who follow market trends!

How are these stop-loss orders different from classic stop-loss orders?
How to use them in a trading strategy?

This is what we are going to see right away in detail.

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