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Preschool – Learn the basics

The first chapter is an introduction to the basics of cryptocurrencies. This is a condensated version of the The Complete Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Guide.

Margin Trading

Learn how to profit from all the market directions by longing or shorting with Margin Trading

Where To Start

How to start trading? Which Analysis would fit the most to yourpersonality?




  • None.
  • This course provides with the most basic information. The course progression has been designed for the ease of the students to learn with the easiest way.


Bitcoin challenges an age-old practice of issuing currency as a prerogative of the state. Until the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, private currencies had neither fame nor prospects.
The appearance of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies was made possible by a new technology: the blockchain. How does Bitcoin “work”? What can become of it? What will it change in our lives? Is it a real revolution or just a small wave on the ocean of speculation?
So many emerging questions on which we give you the elements to form your own opinion.

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